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Alumni Spotlight

On December 1st, I received good news from QuestBridge! I became a QuestBridge National College Match Scholar! I matched to Caltech, my dream school! I want to thank you all (Debbie, Dr. Rojas, Jonathan, Salvador, and Daniela Salazar) for helping me through this process. I couldn’t have done this alone and I am extremely grateful that you all have helped me. Ever

since I became an AISS Scholar, I have received the utmost support in preparing for college and my future career. Completing the research paper after my sophomore year helped me explore what I am most passionate about and connected me to Dr. Sumner Norman. The guest speakers taught me so much about different STEM careers. The networking events taught me to connect with others. The Educational Business Plan helped me get a head start in the college application process by researching a variety of colleges and writing college essays. Daniela gave a presentation about the intense QuestBridge application process and shared her experience applying which I found helped me navigate. All this prepared me for the college application season in one way or another. I received help on my college essays from Dr. Rojas and was provided a mentor, Ben, from the Matchlighters Scholars Program. I know this accomplishment is a culmination of the hard work of my four of high school and

the help I received along the way. I’ve spent this time reflecting on my journey and processing what I’ve accomplished. It’s amazing to think that I am 1 of 35 (an acceptance rate of less than 1%) students who were selected for a full-ride scholarship to Caltech. I dreamed big and I’m glad you all helped me accomplish my dream! Thank you all once again for the support these past two years!!!!!!!!!!! Best, Said Garcia

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