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Scholar Spotlight

       This March, the AISS Scholars began to hear back from most, if not all, of their colleges! Additionally, scholars had the opportunity to speak with guest speakers to help them get ready for their first year of college. 

       Dr. Yaron Zoller, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, was an interesting speaker at one of our meetings. He talked about the factors that cause stress and remedies to alleviate stress in our lives. During this time, waiting for college decisions can be daunting, and AP exams coming up soon can make us anxious. Dr. Zoller taught us how to find a balance between work and fun. He recommended setting aside time for self-care, rest, hobbies, and exercise to prevent stress from deteriorating our minds and making us doubt our abilities. 

       During one of the weekend sessions, U.S. Bank spoke with us about financial literacy. During our break time, they asked if one student could join them in helping film a short video on how AISS and U.S. Bank have benefited us. A Scholar from our team volunteered! They spoke about how AISS and the U.S. Bank have been helpful to all of us! 

       We are currently working on a commercial promoting a "product" we have that will be "evolutionary." A product that could help with translating any conversation you encounter with someone who speaks an entirely different language into the language of your desire. This is an exciting assignment, as it allows our creative side to come out!

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