Who Qualifies?

student 3.5 GPA

Incoming 11 grader (Junior Year)


Minimum grade point average of 3.5  and attend a school in Santa Ana Unified School District or Samueli Academy

Math or Science Letter

Letter of recommendation from your math or science Teacher

Student & parent 2yr Commitment

Parent and Student agree that student will attend up to 60 workshops a year and ​willing to commit to a 2-yr program beginning Summer in the 11th grade.

Read More about your commitment to AISS.

Free or Reduced

Eligible for Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program

What to Submit with your application!

Google Form

Submit your google form application

WHY College?

300 Word Essay about Why College is important to you.


Submit Parent Contact & Liability Waivers


Send us your School Transcript


75-word profile about yourself 


Request a letter of recommendation from your Math or Science Teacher 


The Benefits

  • Laptop Computer During Senior Year

  • $500-800 Stipends (College Applications/and needs)

  • life/soft skills, Team Building, & Leadership development

  • Critical Thinking/STEM Workshops and Activities

  • Study Trips* to STEM Facilities & STEM Presentations

  • Khan Academy, advance Math & Writing workshops

  • Opportunity for Edwards Lifesciences Externship*

  • Opportunity for one-to-one Professional Mentor*

*Subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions and Governor mandates

No upcoming events at the moment