Our Partners


Argosy University lends their facility in Orange County for AISS to host classes 5 days a week in the summer and once a week in the school year. Thank you, Argosy University!

Dr. Debra Mauzy-Melitz

Dr. Debra Mauzy-Melitz is a Biology professor at UCI. During our 8-week summer program, Dr. Debra spends every Friday teaching our scholars more about Science, enhancing their knowledge and providing creative ways for them to study. She also takes our students on a tour around UCI's campus. Thank you, Dr. Debra!

Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences is has graciously donated to AISS over the last few years. They have provided interships to our scholars and field trips to their facilities to educate our students on STEM careers. Thank you, Edwards!


Rocket Science Tutors come to our summer program to help our students learn more about Engineering. They provide hands-on projects, allowing our scholars to understand and implement Engineering concepts. Thank you, Rocket Science Tutors!

OC Hispanic Chamber
of Commerce

The Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has generously helped AISS with working space and immense support. Thank you, OCHCC!

Stepping Up

Once a week in the summer, Juan Sandoval, the Program Director of Stepping Up, comes to AISS to prepare our scholars for the SAT and ACT tests. Thank you for unleashing our students' potential, Juan and Stepping Up!

Thank you to our partners! Without their help we would not be able to provide our students the program we have today!

Argosy University
Rocket Science Tutors

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