AISS scholars working on their projects with Rocket Science Tutors during their summer program.

With a similar mission as AISS, Rocket Science Tutors is an organization dedicated to educating students about STEM through hands on projects, such as building bridges and launching rockets. The teachers from Rocket Science Tutors are professionals who have engineered bridges and rockets of their own. The average teacher to student ratio in their program is 1:5 to ensure a very personal educational experience. Each lab provided require the use of "the 4 C's"- communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. 


AISS is very fortunate to have a summer program that integrates Rocket Science Tutors. This organization and its teachers help to enrich AISS scholars by giving them a well rounded experience and to show them STEM in action. Rocket Science Tutors always create an exciting, fun, and creative learning space for our scholars. 


Thank you, Rocket Science Tutors!

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