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AISS Students receive a stipend of $500-$800 a year. This stipend is CRUCIAL for assisting in pre-college expenses like registration fees for college applications and SATs. To receive the full amount, students must adhere to a rigorous schedule- 44 seminars their Junior Year, and 46 seminars their Senior Year. This includes tutoring sessions, STEM-based projects, and a diverse set of study trips. The AISS program is year-round. The $800 stipend only covers part of a scholar's cost to apply to college.


In addition to the yearly stipend, we also provide each student with an AISS jacket in their Junior year, a laptop and reference books in their Senior year.  99% of our alumni have graduated from college, and we want to continue to provide mentoring, education, and career exploration for our community! Below are thoughtful words our current cohort have said about their experience at AISS thus far.


Words From Our Class of 2021

Christopher Why AISS(1).png
damian why aiss.png

Financial Breakdown of Applying to 10 Universities

10 Application Fees

     (2 UCs, 2 CSUs, 3 Ivy Leagues, 3 Private Universities)

SAT I or ACT Fee (repeat twice)

Score Reporting Fee


6 AP Exam Fees

(avg number of exams taken on college prep track)

SAT or ACT Preparation Courses and Material

 Tutors to Boost Grades

College Counselor
















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As of right now, we have a class of under 30 scholars. We hope to expand in order to help more students but can only do so with your help.



We gladly accept grant applications, company donations, or individual contributions. Your donations are tax deductible under federal government non-profit code 501(c)3.  If you have any questions, please contact us at:


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