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Team 1 Spotlight

Greetings, coming in from Team 1, consisting of: lead Lilac Salazar, co-lead Benjamin Tong, and Kristina Perez. Together, we are the Dreamcatchers, and our experience with AISS so far has been wonderful and uplifting this summer. Throughout the summer, our team and the other scholars have been working on their individual STEM Research Papers and team Social Enterprise project. The program has provided fun and interactive team activities and icebreakers, such as the egg drop, tower building, jeopardy, and math competitions. In addition, the scholars have had the opportunity to tour Chapman University, including the Keck Center and Cross-Cultural Center. 

We’ve learned valuable information from our guest speakers and alums, such as those working for banks (ex: Sunwest Bank, Chapman professors, etc.) and those from Edwards Life Sciences. Many great and inspirational guest speakers have come to Chapman University to share their stories and careers with us. Our team’s favorite presenters have spoken about life advice, financial literacy, and their role at Edwards. In the future, the Class of 2025 plans to attend a networking event in the Cross-Cultural Center to present their Social Enterprise pitch and a day trip to UCI’s campus. 

At the beginning of the week, the scholars spend their “Engineering Mondays” with world-renowned aerospace engineer Mr. Polizzi, an engineering teacher at Samueli Academy, to learn more about science and engineering. As of this year, the first engineering project involves constructing a mousetrap-powered car with no instructions and limited materials that can travel the most distance. On Tuesdays, students learn how to “dress for success” as guest speakers would present more about themselves and their field of study. For Wednesdays and Thursdays, scholars would revise and work on their STEM Research Paper drafts, presentations, and SAT prep with the advisors. Lastly, a day at Edwards would entail for the students on Fridays as they tour and listen to people who work at this global biotechnology company. 

Nearing the end of the student’s first year with AISS, they have gained better public speaking skills, networking, and preparations to present their STEM Research Papers and Social Enterprises to parents and professionals on August 2nd.

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