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Jesus Horta

Software Engineer at Google

Jesus Horta

BS in Computer Science ( UC San Diego, 2015)
AISS Class of 2009 (Santa Ana High School)

I graduated from UC San Diego, and I have been working for Google as a software engineer. AISS was invaluable in my pursuit of higher education. AISS made it possible for me to stand out from my peers and get accepted to selecting great colleges to choose from. AISS (and much luck!) allowed me to navigate and ultimately excel in my endeavors. To current and future scholars, I offer you these words of advice: 'Don't forget about the connections you are forging right now. This network of smart, amazing, and sometimes goofy individuals will become your support system. Utilize this network to focus on your goals and your- selves. Once
you meet those goals; you will be in much better shape to give back and help shape the next generation'.

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