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Ashley Chavez

Future Forensic Pathologist


 When I was younger, people often told me I was too shy or did not talk enough. I was always shy around everyone I met. This flaw has always haunted me for it holds me back from being my best and from getting into the best university I can be in. But in private, I am someone completely different. 


The clubs that I have joined in high school have helped me achieve this goal. I am in Key Club, CSF, and AVID which are clubs that offer me community service opportunities and help me reach out to my community. 


I am not sure what specific major I want to study, but I do have a wide range of potential areas of interest; from forensic chemistry, pathology, to pharmacology. 


I became interested in pharmacology because of the program, Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS). Salma, a graduate student, gave an interesting presentation about pharmacology. However, I am really interested in forensics: analyzing blood, figuring out the cause, mode, and manner of death, and solving murder cases. 


I am interested in attending UC Berkeley because of its setting and the educational environment. Even though the end of my senior year seems a long way from now, it is going to come quicker than expected. So I have to fasten my seatbelt because I need to get prepared for this ride that I am about to embark on. 

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