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Carlos Raymundo


 I immigrated to the US when I was seven years old. This was a challenge for me because I did not know any English. I learned the language and became interested in mathematics and the sciences at an early age. Math seems easy to me due to the various ways to approach a certain problem. I find science intriguing because of my curious mind which is always ready to learn new things. The ability to attack a problem from different angles and my inquisitive nature will help me achieve my goals. I plan on pursuing a degree in engineering. A degree in engineering will facilitate my path towards becoming a mechanical engineer and work in an engineering company. 


With a positive mindset, I am capable of attending a prestigious and academically challenged university. With the help of Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS), I want to find scholarships that will help facilitate my financial journey through college. 


I am aspiring to become a mechanical engineer, a problem solver, because I want to be involved in the creation of new technologies. In high school, I have begun taking classes to prepare me for the journey. I have also joined many STEM related clubs such as Architecture Construction Engineering mentoring program and the Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) program. I want to create a bright future for myself in which I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. 

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