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19 Scholars

Class of 2007

Becky Abarca, Santa Ana High School



Becky graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She now works at Solid Professor as an Application Engineer.

Karina Alba



Karina graduated from UC San Diego with a Biology degree. She was also a recipient of the Noyce Teacher Scholarship for Science.

Salma Bahadarkhann




Salma graduated from UC Berkeley, majoring in Integrative Biology and minoring in Education. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Pharmacy at Touro University. While studying for her degree, Salma also works in her university's pharmacy.

"AISS assisted me in reaching and finding my true potential. Through their assistance I was able to apply to many universities and get access to the tools needed to make the transition easy. Beyond this, AISS has been a great way for me to network and learn about many different fields in Science. 

Ana Bautista



Ana graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Biology. She currently works at Calscience Environmental Laboratories.

Cecilia Castro


Cecilia graduated from high school in 2007.

Diana Gonzalez de la Torre


Diana attended UC Riverside.

Maria de la Carmen Noguera


Maria graduated high school in 2007.

Norma Dominguez



Norma graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Policy. She then attended USC's Keck School of Medicine, earning herself a Masters in Public Health Policy. She now works as a Health Administration Intern. 

Janet Garcia




Edgar Guzman



Luis Lara




Claudia Leal




Helen Nguyen



Ayami Nieves



Ayami graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in History. She then earned a law degree from Whittier College. 

"AISS gave me the opportunity to explore different careers and visit different college campuses to better assess the right college and career for myself."

Horacio Padilla



Emmanuel Ramirez



Emmanuel graduated from UC Irvine with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He currently works at UsCalibrated Inc. as a field engineer.

Erika Sanchez



Erika graduated from UC Irvine with a double major in Sociology and Chicano Studies. She currently works at OXSORD as a tutor.

Nada Soeun



Nada graduated from UCLA. She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in counseling from Redlands University. She also works as a teacher at AISS.

Allison Truong, Saddleback High School



Allison graduated from UCLA, majoring in Physiological Science and minoring in Asian Languages. She is currently a M.D. candidate at Stanford University.

"AISS helped me recognize the significance of research which has allowed me to pursue research during my undergraduate and medical studies. AISS also supported me during high school to follow my dreams.

103 University Acceptances

Jenny Tieu



Jenny graduated from UC Santa Barbara, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Chinese. She is currently studying for a HR certification at UC Irvine while also working at Skyhawk as an HR assistant.

Jennifer Vargas



Jennifer graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Psychology. She previously worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at Stanford University's Cancer Center. She currently works at Gilead Sciences as a clincal project associate. 

"AISS made me aware of all the colleges and opportunities that are out there for young talented high school students. Before AISS, I did not know that universities like Harvard, Princeton, or Stanford were options for me. AISS was truly helpful in getting me ready for college and I will always be grateful for this."

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