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Class of 2015

Emanuel Arambula, Santa Ana High School



Emanuel currently attends UC San Diego, pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering.

"AISS helped me develop a plan for my future by narrowing down my careers while also giving me boundless opportunities to learn more.

My career interest is to become a Biomedical Engineer. The subjects of mathematics and science have always intrigued me the most. My hobby is playing the guitar. When I find the time, I learn new songs and techniques. I've been actively involved in this activity ever since I was a child."  

Samuel Beltran, Segerstrom High School



Samuel is a student at UC Irvine, paving his way to be a Mechanical Engineer.

"AISS  made me realize how important are the choices you make now.

I want to become a mechanical engineer and use it in our modern society so that it could benefit everyone. This came from my passion for math and building objects since I was a little kid, and I still have it. I also enjoy the physical fitness that sports offer. I have also learned to become attached to my teammates; it's the best experience I have ever had."

Erica Duran, Valley High School

UC San Diego


Erica goes to UC San Diego where she will be majoring in Astronomy.

Josh Lopez, Villa Park High School

CSU Fullerton


Josh goes to CSU Fullerton. He hopes to be a future physician.

Yoshelin Mariscal, Godinez High School

University of La Verne


Yoshelin attends to the University of La Verne where she is studying Math and Technology.

Anh Dao, Segerstrom High School

UC Irvine


Anh studies at UC Irvine. She is majoring in Chemical Biology and hopes to be a future physician.

Pablo Arambulo, Santa Ana High School



Pablo is currently in the US Navy. He aspires to be a future mechanical engineer.

"AISS oriented me towards striving for the best I can achieve.

My field of interest is definitely in math, physical sciences, and robotics, more specifically mechanical engineering. I especially like developing new vehicles and ways of improving transportation efficiencies while maintaining convenience, practicality, and the thrilling feeling of speed."

Jennifer Beltran, Valley High School



Jennifer is a student at CSU Chico, studying architecture and civil engineering.

"This program has had a dramatic impact on me academically and socially.

Hello, my name is Jennifer Beltran. My interest is in becoming an architect or a civil engineer. One of my favorite subjects is math. My hobbies are playing tennis and soccer. I used to be a part of Santa Ana First Serve where I coached elementary and intermediate students tennis."  

Brenda Bermudez, Saddleback High School



Brenda is going to UC Irvine. She is currently studying Biommedical Engineering.

"AISS has allowed me to make friends, taught me how to speak, and how to be unafraid to be myself.

I enjoy chemistry and designing or constructing buildings. With these skills, I can make a huge impact in science on my community. I used to be on the varsity girls' basketball and tennis teams. I was also a member of the Orange County Academic Decathlon, the marching band, the wind ensemble, and the jazz band. I enjoy writing, drawing, or playing basketball. Someday, I want to apply my skills to the real world and help improve our nation."  

Graciela Castrejon, Saddleback High School



Graciela currently attends UC Irvine, pursuing a Biomedical Engineering major.

"AISS has helped me narrow my options by showing me different options on a future career,

Throughout my life, I have always been very quiet around other people. However, getting involved in school has been a big help. ASB, basketball, and other extracurricular activities have taught me to show who I really am. Through everything, I have met people who support me in my future career of either going into medicine or engineering. As of now, I know AISS will help me choose the right path for a future career."

Anh Dao, Godinez High School



An studies at UC Irvine. She is majoring in Chemical Biology and hopes to be a future physician.

"AISS is my college guide, source of opportunities, and my second family.

I always thrive to leave an impression as an enthusiastic learner and a dreamer because I believe that everyone is born exceptional, including myself. My personality best shows that I am creative, open-minded, and patient. Based on my passion in mathematics and sciences, I yearn to expand my academic ability, and become a doctor. Therefore, AISS would be my great mentor to put me on the right track to achieve my goals."  

Evelin Gallardo

Godinez High School


Evelin is a student at UC Irvine, pursuing a degree in Architecture. 

Paloma Gomez

Santa Ana High School


Paloma studies at UCLA. She is majoring in marine biology.

Kelsey Gonzales, St. Paul High School

UC Merced


Kelsey currently attends UC Merced. She apsires to be a Geriatic Doctor. 

Victoria Harrington-Phelps,

Saddleback High School

UC Berkeley


Victoria is studying at UC Berkeley,

majoring in Pharmacology.

Jhovany Lopez, Santa Ana High School

UC San Diego


Jhovany is a student at UC San Diego, studying to be a Mechanical Engineer.

Edwin Magana, Century High School

CSU Fullerton


Edwin studies Mechanical Engineering at CSU Fullerton. 

Jimmy Nyugen, Godinez High School

UC Irvine


Jimmy is at UC Irvine, studying to be a future physician. 

Martha Perez, Los Amigos High School

Santa Ana College


Martha goes to Santa Ana College. She aspires to be a future physician.

Vivian Pham, Segerstrom High School

UC San Diego


Vivian is a student at UC San Diego, majoring in Computer Science.

Elizabeth Pineda, Century High School

Humboldt State University


Elizabeth Pineda currently attends Humboldt State University. She plans on being either an architect or an engineer. 

Omar Tena, Segerstrom High School

Carnegie Mellon University


Omar is currently attending Carnegie Mellon where he is studying Mechanical Engineering.

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