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Lizbeth Gomez


 As a child I would spend hours building paper planes and rockets. I was curious as to what made them fly and how I could make them better. I played with the rockets and imagined what was beyond our galaxy. I asked many people, but no one knew the answer so I decided I would find out myself. 

In sixth grade, I learned more about space, but not to the depth I expected. I wanted to learn more about the possible ways to explore the universe so I started watching documentaries and researching the topic on my own. 

My love for math, science, and space led me to join the Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS) to further my education in STEM fields. I learned more about the engineering process and what it would take to become an engineer from the Rocket Science Tutors (RST), who are involved with the program. 

Becoming an aerospace engineer will help me find my answer. I will be able to create and build new technology that will expand my knowledge of the universe. Aerospace engineer will be an enjoyable career that challenges and reflects my intelligence. 

My ideal college would be MIT or Princeton University because of their aerospace programs. I have researched the requirements for both of these schools and planned out my schedule accordingly. These two schools are a perfect match for me. 

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