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Our Services

Stem Career Awareness:

Our scholars participate in numerous Science and Engineering seminars that focus on various career fields. Each summer, our scholars also participate in externship opportunities with our partners.


Each scholar receives one-on-one mentorship from a professional in the STEM fields. Mentors meet with students once per quarter to advise them on academic and career options. 

Life/Soft Skills and Cultural Capital Development: 

Scholars learn problem-solving and critical thinking skills, time management, effective communication, networking, workload management, leadership, teamwork, and proper business etiquette and decorum at work. 

Educational Development/ Business Plan:

Our scholars participate in research and project development activities, advanced scientific writing, and audio-visual presentations that develop proficiency in STEM subject matters.


Business Plan

Scholars create an educational business portfolio in preparation for the college admission process. Each portfolio includes a personal profile, resume, college and scholarship research, college admissions essays, implementation plan, and business card.

College Navigation

We support students with navigating the complex process of preparing for college: choosing the right career path based on skills and interests; applying for college; applying for scholarships, grants, and other  Financial Aid; selecting the ideal university; and excelling in the college admission standardized tests (SAT/ACT).

Parent Education

The Achievement Institute facilitates two Parent Financial Literacy Workshops each year that promote awareness of college financial aid packages. We also offer a Parent Conference, Study Trips to tour college campuses, and other parent education seminars.

Alumni Support

We continue to track and engage with our alumni well after they graduate from our program. We remain in contact with alumni who reach out for mentoring throughout college and beyond. Our alumni serve the Achievement Institute by mentoring, engaging, or encouraging our current scholars. Many work or volunteer in the summer program as academic advisors, writing and mathematics instructors, or reviewers of college essays.

STEM Career Awareness
Life/Soft Skills Development
Educatinal/Business Plan
PARENT Education
alumni support
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