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Sergio Chavez


 A challenge I have faced was trying to become the top of my class. In middle school, I saw myself as an average student. Once high school started, it all changed and I became the top of my class. I put a lot of effort into studying and doing homework which has brought me success. I really see this as an achievement because now I know I am prepared for a university. 


I am Vice President in Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID). As a Vice President I help my peers with any questions they have and participate in AVID events like promoting the program or selling different type of food each year at Back to School Night or Open House. I also volunteered for Habitat for Humanity OC. I worked in the office for this organization and filled out spreadsheets of the jobs people had done when they built houses. Also I would prepare letters to be sent out to any sponsors or people who support this organization. 


My career interests are either in computer engineering/electrical engineering or computer sciences. These fields interest me because I like learning about computers; how they work and the process of making them. Also I use my computer on a daily basis and spend a lot of time on it. Stanford University and University of California, San Diego both interest me because they have great engineering departments. 


What I have learned from Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS) is how to be more confident as I speak to people in conversations and in front of a crowd. 

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