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Andrew Gomez


 When I was six years old, my brother got really sick with the flu. I asked my mom what I could do to help him and she told me “Just give him his medicine when he needs it and if he's hungry give him food." For three weeks my job was to help my brother and in those three weeks he got better. Seeing that I helped him in this way sparked an idea in my head; I want to help people get better regardless of the conditions. 


I asked my teachers what career would allow me to help people in the way I helped my brother and they told me the ideal job was a doctor. I know becoming a doctor requires a lot of work, which is why school has become my priority. Learning new topics every day is what urged me to keep striving in my educational career. My goal is to graduate from high school as the valedictorian. 


I am very involved with ASB, Green Club, and Key Club. I strive to keep all my grades as A's. After graduating high school I want to attend John Hopkins or Cornell University because they are both very prestigious schools and have some of the best recognized medical programs.


Helping those who need it most has become a passion for me and is a career path I want to pursue despite any struggles I might face. I will be the first in my family to attend college, but I do not let that faze me because I have goals in life to accomplish no matter how hard the struggle.

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