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Belerofonte Mar


 As a child, teachers were often irritated with me because I asked a lot of questions. A very close friend of mine once told me that asking questions is the most powerful tool anyone has, so I asked questions. My teachers never understood that, so I was considered a slow learner. It was only when I began high school that I could question how the world worked without anyone stopping me. 

One of the benefits I had in school was that I was able to take college courses at my local community college, Santa Ana College, where I took a wide range of courses such as Psychology, Biology, and Political Science. 

After I transferred to Samueli Academy I was exposed to STEM fields which I found very interesting. I was challenging myself by taking advantage of all the AP and Honor courses I could. 

In my Career Planning Course in Santa Ana College, I found the career I was interested in: Biomedical Engineering. The purpose of this field is to help or improve the human body. Much of the interest I have lies in the robotics part of it, with the creation of things like prosthetic limbs robotic exoskeletons to help people with disabilities. I have joined the Robotics Club to understand the basics of robotics and I have enjoyed it a lot. After a bit of research I found Carnegie Mellon University, a private school in Pennsylvania that offers a great school of Robotics. 

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