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Cristina Garcia


 I thought being reserved would keep me safe, but it limited me. I never challenged perspectives because I assumed my interruption would make individuals dislike me. But, at home, I discussed controversial topics with my dad. His humbleness was shown every time we encountered a misfortunate person, especially children. He bought them food and comforted them, receiving a smile and hug in return. 


Because I was quiet, I found solace in education. I enjoy all subjects and never think about grades. I was always eager to learn and excited to complete activities, which inevitably resulted in excellent grades. 


When my father helped children, I knew my occupation would involve children. There was no doubt about my commitment to children after I witness the intensive care rooms when my brother was operated. 


I work with children by teaching catechism on Saturdays, emphasizing the importance of science at the Discovery Cube, receiving smiles at CHOC, and embarking on a charity fundraiser administered by my dad and me to help poor orphan children near Tijuana, Mexico. 

I will become a pediatrician after attending Pennsylvania or UCLA. My dream is to travel to isolated areas without medical attention: to join Doctors without Borders and cure people physically and internally in their solitude. Ultimately, I want to spend the rest of my life around innocent, humble, non- judgmental people (children). 

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