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Daniel Rangel


 I am living for the fifth time; being the last of my five brothers has allowed me to tweak my life before I could live it. I study my brothers’ weaknesses and learn from their excellence; after four brothers, I would say I have learned to be quite the innovator. Their accomplishments became my expectations and my accomplishments are not yet charted. 


Math and science have always been my two favorite subjects in school. However, it was when I started high school when I found, what I still believe to be, my calling: engineering. I immediately fell in love with this innovation-hungry field and am fascinated by the civil and environmental branches of engineering. I aspire to someday become an urban planner, as seeing how I can apply my two favorite subjects, math and science, into civil/environmental engineering makes me excited about my future. 


I am very comfortable working around people and feel strongly about helping the less fortunate; I have recently become the Vice President of my school’s community service club, Helping Hands. I am also able to channel my interest in politics by participating in the Model United Nations group at our school. 


I plan to apply to state-local universities, ones like Cal Poly SLO, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Irvine, that will prepare me for a career in civil/environmental engineering. The reason for why I am particularly interested in these universities is, not only because of their prestigious reputation, but because of the phenomenal civil and environmental engineering programs and degrees they offer. 

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