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Future Veterinarian

Evelin Peralta


 As a child, I always wanted to find the cure of cancer and make new medicine to help people who are ill. Many people say that chemistry is a difficult major and that I should choose something else. But, I will not let bias opinions discourage me. 


I take my education seriously and challenge myself to become better and more knowledgeable. I am one of the top students in Santa Ana High School with a GPA of 4.3. I am involved in extracurricular activities such as Marching Band and the American Red Cross Club. I plan on passing my AP Exams: Chemistry, US History, and English to obtain college credit. Another goal is to get a high score on my SAT’s and ACT’s. 


I have realized that there are many opportunities available to Hispanic people, like Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS_, which focus on STEM career fields Although AISS may be a challenging and demanding program, I am interested in the pathways it might open up for me. 

I would like to attend UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego, Stanford University, or UC San Francisco because of their pioneering research programs. These universities introduce students to novel ways of thinking, learning, and conducting research. I want to get my PhD in biochemistry and become a clinical laboratory scientist to conduct research aimed at improving overall human health. 

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