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Guadalupe Terrones

Future Nurse Practitioner


 During my sister’s graduation, the valedictorian gave a rousing speech about always remembering where we come from. At the time, I did not fully understand what it meant, but now I know. It means that however far I make it in life, I must always remember how and which people helped me get there. 


I participated in cross country, soccer, and track & field for my high school. I also attend a Catholic missionary group every Friday where I am an active board member. I am also a part of the Early Academic Outreach Program, which prepares me to succeed in postsecondary opportunities. I am also a member of the Nicholas Academic Center (NAC) where I have another opportunity to receive assistance in applying for universities and scholarships. I attend NAC three hours a week, during which I participate in SAT prep, college presentations, and complete homework. 

These programs have reassured me that nothing can stop me from attending any university I want. Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS) has especially helped open my career options in the scientific field, particularly chemistry. 


I hope to one day graduate from a prestigious university. I would love to make my parents proud and demonstrate to them that their sacrifice was not in vain. I also want to make a difference in my community. I would like to give back to my community and the programs that helped and believe that I have great potential. 

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