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Future Doctor

Izabella Torres


 Pursuing my goals without a nine digit card has hindered me. However, that will not be my excuse for failure. My family and I faced difficult times which we though could not get any worse. My dad was deported and we had to move often. Having to move and adapt to a new school every year for three years was my harsh reality.


Although going to college seems impossible at times, I want to go and have the full experience. My goal is to be the first in my family to go straight to a four year college instead of a community college, even though I was not legally born in the United States. 


I am currently involved in: Key Club, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), Nicholas Academic Centers (NAC) and Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS). In AISS, I have been able to gain great communication skills along with being better at time management, which use to be difficult. AISS expects certain things from me and I think it is great because I get prepared for the real world. 


Being able to give people hope no matter what their circumstances maybe is why I want to be a Neonatologist. I want to ensure newborn premature and critical infants their success into a healthy and fulfilling life. I am interested in UC San Diego, Swanee, Unity College, UCR, Montana University because they all have great science programs. 

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