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Future Environmental Lawyer


 I am the eldest of four children from a Hispanic family. I feel that have to be strong for my younger siblings, but most of the times I feel lost. However, being part of a low income family, I am determined to be successful. 


I have seen my family go through tough financial times which were hard and stressful. After witnessing my parents' frustration I decided I would work hard in school and pursue a great career. My dream has been to become a pediatrician ever since third grade. When my sister was born she had a heart murmur. We had to constantly take her to a doctor for checkups. Once she got better, all I (as a nine year old) comprehended was that the doctor fixed my sister. That experience was what inspired me to become a pediatrician. 


As I have grown older and have explored more careers I am noticing that I have an interest in business as well. As I go through the process of finding a good career path for myself, I hope to find one that ties both medicine and business. My dream schools are Columbia and the University of California San Francisco.


I plan on graduating at the top of my class to be a strong and competitive candidate for colleges. In college I plan on graduating on time and major in medicine related field. My ultimate goal is to receive a Ph.D in medicine from a top university. 

Karen Nieto

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