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Marc Contreras


 Aerospace engineering is one of the career paths I am most passionate about. I am currently taking classes that will help me build knowledge within this field, like second year engineering, second year auto shop, and second year welding, which collectively contribute to what I would like to one day pursue in my life: aerospace engineering. 


In engineering class, I learned the principles of the field, specifically how to draw in 3D perspective, how to use Autodesk Inventor, which provides exact measurement of images that are in 3D perspective, in addition to learning how to construct robots and how to code the robots. 

In my Auto-Shop class, I learned the basic functions of cars such as changing oil and changing the brakes. I am currently teaching my classmates the basics of automobiles. In my welding class, I learned how to operate different types of machines that we were going to use. In my second year I entered a competition of who can construct the best BBQ. 


I became interested in aerospace engineering because I have always seen myself flying throughout the dark sky. Mystery consequently plays a role in my passion; the feeling of not knowing what lies afar in the dark sky. I want to develop a space craft capable of flying through space faster than the speed of light; a craft that would further our discoveries. I know it is hard to get into the field of engineering, but it is for that reason that I want to pursue an education in higher learning. I know that my passion for this will fuel my academic and professional journey. 

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