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Melanie Mendoza


 As a young Latina woman, I have always been told to settle for what I received because no one believed I could do better. However, I believe that once I have set a goal for myself, no one can get in the way of it. 


I am currently junior in century High School who is at the top of her class. Thus far I have received straight A’s and maintained a non-weighted GPA of a 4.0. Recently, I took it upon myself to take 3 AP classes, which are AP US History, AP Physics, and AP English. Taking these classes is not something I take lightly; I see it as a way of exceed my limitations. 


As a top ten student of my whole junior class I also like to challenge myself outside of school. I am involved in various extracurricular groups such as: Polynesian Dance Team, National Honor Society (NHS), Journalism, Academic Talent Search, Nicholas Academy Centers (NAC), Academic Construction Engineering, Book club and Academic Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS). In both Journalism and Polynesian dance team I hold a leadership position, one as front page editor and the other as captain. 


Ever since I was introduced to math, I fell in love with the subject. That is why I would like to attend a four year college and major in Mathematics/ Statistics. After attending school I hope to become a Statistician and help my community with my degree in any way possible. I am especially grateful to AISS because it exposed me to several people whom pursued a math related field. 

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