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Omar Carino


 I always compete to be number one in my math classes. I see people as competition and I will never stop being number one. 


I see my potential and will continue to strive for beyond excellence. Going beyond excellence means putting effort into all my Advanced Placement (AP) classes and passing all my AP exams. I am currently taking AP US History, AP English Language, and AP Spanish Language. I am also the French Club President. 


Astronomy has been a passion of mine since my 8th grade science class where we watched several videos about the universe. One in particular caught my attention. It was about how NASA found a planet at the edge of our galaxy and the possibility of finding life on another planet other than Earth. Since then, I have been curious and anxious to know what is beyond our solar system. 

To show that my interest is a serious one, I am taking Pre-Calculus and Physics, and next year I will take AP Calculus AB and AP Physics. I also plan on taking an astronomy course at Santa Ana College next summer. 


After graduating from high school, I want to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Astronomy at UC Berkeley because they have one of the top ten astronomy programs in the nation. My career goal is to become an astronomer; it would be an honor if I could work with NASA. I know that it will probably take a long time for me to achieve my dreams, but I will achieve them. 

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