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Rafael Ramirez


 I am involved in various different clubs at school. I am the Junior Class Representative of Key Club, I am in National Honor Society (NHS), California Scholarship Federation (CSF), and I recently became a "Big" in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I also joined Academic Decathlon and play the second violin in my school’s orchestra. 


Community Service is very important to me because it allows me to help others the best I can. I am especially involved in Key Club because most of the service events focus on the wellbeing of the children of the world: the future presidents, leaders, businessmen and women, scientists, doctors etc. Being a "big" is very important because it will allow me to be a role model to a young child. 


I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field and AISS reassured that career choice, especially after I met with an actual physician who was invited to be a guest speaker. Her dedication and passion spoke to me, motivated me, and pulled me out from the dark pit of doubt. Most of my extracurriculars connect back to my career goals; to provide medical care for children: whether it is as a pediatrician or pediatric surgeon. 


My educational goals include graduating from college and attending medical school. I would be the first to do so. In order to achieve that goal, I must challenge myself. I am enrolled in AP Chemistry to be better prepared for college science courses. I also want to learn different languages to be a better physician. 

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