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Future Forensic Pathologist

Future Nurse

Roxana Rodas


 As I was growing up, I looked up to my brother and sister; they were my second parents. They were the first in our family to go college and they inspired me to want a better future for myself. I have used their struggles to prepare myself; I feel that, because of them, I now know what I need to do to accomplish my goals.


My educational goal is to go to Stanford University because of its reputation of one of the best schools in the world for several of its offered majors. 


By continuing in Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS) and joining medical/ engineering programs in my school I am pushing myself to be a well-rounded candidate. 


I am also currently taking four AP classes and have straight A’s in them. I am in the varsity water polo team at my school and frequently volunteer with Key Club. I am restarting the National Honors Society at my school because we have not had one for over four years. 


All these different factors of my life will help me get to the future I want. I am still unsure of what career I would like to pursue but I know I want to work with children. A possibility I am thinking about is becoming a pediatrician or an engineer. 

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