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Future Bioengineer

Ruth Beltran


 Learning a language after moving continents was one of the biggest struggles I faced as a child. My first few years in elementary seemed like a blur. I hardly understood my teachers and the students did not understand why I was always lost in class.


I have managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA while being involved in other academic programs like Achievement Institute of Scientific Studies (AISS). Before joining AISS, my career interest was vague; math and science. 


It was not until I attended a study trip at UC Irvine that I realized what my major would be. I met a researcher from Brazil, who majored in computational biophysics. The fundamentals for this involved my most passionate subjects; math and biology. 


I got home and researched this particular major. I asked my siblings for advice and they supported my decision to major in computational biophysics. On my next trip to UC Irvine I met Professor Zeba; she had a doctorate in biophysics and majored in computational biology. I was most pleased when she agreed to help guide me on my path to college. 


My goals for the next decade are to graduate from a four-year university, most likely University of Pennsylvania, where I plan to work in research and live a comfortable lifestyle and continue on for Master’s Programs. 

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