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Future Civil Engineer

Silvia De La Torre


 Growing up without a social security number was limiting for me and my education. My parents had the same struggles I did, but I am surpassing them to have a better future and give back to them. My parents' expectations for me are very high. My brother and sister are successful, and I need to fill in the shoes that were left behind. 


Education will always be my number one priority. My most vital priority is maintaining A's in my report card. Since I am the middle child, I am used to being compared to my older brothers, which explains my competitiveness. In addition, another of my educational goals is passing my Advanced Placement exams. Passing AP exams can help me be one step above most students in college, which means faster success. Lastly, one of my hardest goals are the SAT/ACT exams, which I know will help me get into a good university.


Growing up around my brothers always building objects and solving the unsolved began to slowly annoy me as I grew; I wanted to be something else. It was not until I started high school that I found what that something was, Chemistry. I have always wanted to come up with a law to make Chemistry easier; like something that explains how one chemical reacts. 

I will make sure my name will not be forgotten. And not only will I successfully make history but I will make it hard for people to ever compare my name to others. I will complete my educational and aspirational goals no matter what I face, Latina or not, I will do it! 

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