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BTG 2024 Highlights

Become an AISS scholar

Learn more about our recruitment process for the class of 2027 below!

Achieving Greatness Award Winning Video

Achieving Greatness -- A Kristina Chatow film which tells the story of three families whose lives were changed forever by a non-profit which gives economically disadvantaged students the skills and mindset to attend college and succeed in life.

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Class of 2025 at UCI Reach Out Teach Out
STEM day 2024

AISS scholars class of 2025 visit UCI Nuclear Reactor, met STEM scholars and participate in interactive science labs. 


What we do

The mission of the Achievement Institute for STEM Scholars is to guide high-achieving, economically disadvantaged high school students interested in pursuing a career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) fields. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty.



STEM Career Awareness
Business Plan
Parent Education
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Alumni Support

Our Impact

Why We Need AISS


Proud Partners

AISS Graduate.png

213 Graduated Scholars

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Over 1,205

University Acceptances

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Attend College

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86% Major in

STEM Subjects

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74% Have 

STEM Careers


Our Promise

AISS proposes to maintain its impressive high school graduation and college acceptance rates while doubling the number of scholars we serve. We anticipate program outcomes will increase the number of economically disadvantaged students who major and work in STEM fields.


— Jaqueline Vargas,

Class of 2019

With the help of AISS, I can confidently say that the sponsorship I got through them before even starting college, Gloria and Richard Strayer's donations helped me participate in a summer program that got me knowing the ins and outs of the UCI campus better than some of the 4th year students!


— Irene Beltran, Class of 2013

"Opportunity seemed slim as an undocumented student. However, I could always count on AISS as they offered advice & words of encouragement. They taught me to fight with what I had & be grateful for every opportunity I receive.


-Jonathan Fuentes,

Class of 2021

It's given me the skills necessary to be successful in college and also the skills necessary to be successful after college.


Damian Monroy,

Class of 2021

AISS has taught me many things ranging from business to computer science. my favorite experience so far would be the business class because I can apply the concepts not just in business but also my personal life

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